My name is Rick Heymann. I was born and raised in Winston Salem, NC and I’ve spent more than 20 years in the IT/IS business, adhering to a business philosophy that places an emphasis on accountability to the client and marketing by referral. I have found that being forthright and following through for the sake of your own conscience as well as your clients’ welfare leads to a good night’s sleep.

I work a little differently than most. I don’t charge more for your hardware than it costs me. I’m brutally honest with my clients. My prices are in the center of the market’s curve– I’m not the cheapest because my service is actually worth the price, and, I’m not so expensive that you end up paying for vanity and inflated overhead. I won’t bluff or feint. My clients respect me for this, and, they remain clients year after year.

If you desire to work with someone who treats you and your account like you would want to be treated, then contact me by phone or email. I’ll follow up with a friendly reply, I’ll assess your current situation and I’ll tailor our services to fit your needs. If I cannot help you, I will refer you to someone who can, drawing upon all of my experience and associations in the business. I look forward to hearing from you.